A place to unwind.

A common problem in the corporate environment is that people experience repetitive strain injuries and stress caused by improper posture and ergonomics at work.  Workplace Wellness registered massage therapists have proven that by educating office workers on how to incorporate stretching and self massage techniques into their daily work routines, it reduces the amount of WSIB incident rates and sick days drastically, thus increasing productivity.  Many WSIB claims are due to repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bursitis and Tendonitis. Repetitive motions such as typing, writing and using a mouse, common daily practices of office workers, cause strain to the soft tissues and joints of the body.  The goal of Workplace Wellness RMT’s is to develop comprehensive Health & Safety Programs for workplaces. We aim to reduce the amount of sick days required and WSIB claims filed, to maintain or boost productivity for businesses.

We bring specially designed, adjustable and comfortable massage chairs onsite. Features of our service include:

  • clients stay fully clothes, no oils or lotions are used.
  • only a small space is required for set up.
  • RMT's are respectful of time and noise, offering treatments that run between 10-30 minutes in length.
  • music is played and home care is shown when applicable.
  • focus of treatment is individual, primarily focusing on the reduction of tension in back, neck, arms and shoulders.