What is a private yoga class?

Have you ever wanted to try a yoga class but you’ve held off for fear of falling on your head or looking inflexible? Well, fear no more. Following the traditional practices of yoga, Nicole is offering private yoga teachings at our clinic, 162 Metcalfe Street. After 450 hours of yoga teacher training in Bali and in Ottawa and ten years of developing her own practice, her knowledge of the human body and movement, as well as her calm and patient voice will guide you through a class without draining you.

If you’re working with injuries or are completely new to yoga, classes are designed tot help you improve at your own pace. In each lesson you will learn new postures and movements as well as knowledge on the human anatomy. You will properly be able to identify and pronounce muscles and joints.

Nicole will teach the important of breath and how to link breath with movement through conscious control. She will also incorporate how using different breathing techniques can energize or relax you into better health.

Hands on adjustments and modifications will be used when necessary and at the requests of students.

Another portion of the teachings will involve meditation and how to easily use meditation as a daily stress management tool.

Classes will last 45, 60, 75 and 90 minutes in length. All prices will be updated on our website.

“I honour the light, love and truth within you because it is also within me.”